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Improve tooltips on functions in label expressions\field calculates

04-28-2023 05:02 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a label expression or doing a field calculate the user interface provides access to a wide range of functions which you can select from, I show as way of example the Round() function that I want to use in a label expression.


Notice the tooltip provides a rather pointless tip, the function name of the function I have selected.  Many functions take more than one argument and no one should be expected to know every argument for every function and what order they need to be in. 

My idea is simply to improve what the tool tip is showing. In the case of the Round() function it should be listing the parameters as discussed here. What would make this even more useful is if it provided an example of the function being used, this would be helpful for people who are less familiar with scripting and calling functions.

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I agree. It'd be nice if it contained a summary of what could be found on the ESRI Developer Documentation page for that function, and perhaps the expected values of each function.

I eventually just google for it when I need to remember the correct arrangement of the values expected for the function. Having extra descriptions to bridge this gap would be really nice.