Improve the ArcCatalog's 'set data sources' functionnality

04-12-2010 02:08 AM
Status: Implemented
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Here are a few ideas :
- Put this functionnality into ArcMap
- Add the ability to change all the database connections at once (handy when preparing a map document for publication, from dev database to production database, assuming both are structured the same)
- Add the ability to apply the changes to the current document (I don't always need to create a new copy of the document)
- Improve the GUI (do we really need to see the whole path to the connection ?)


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Status changed to: Implemented

The experience for updating data sources was improved in ArcGIS Pro and I believe covers most of what was described in the original idea (with the exception of putting the functionality into ArcMap).

See Update data sources—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation