Improve point cloud display in Pro

03-15-2021 12:07 AM
Status: Open
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Point cloud data is becoming more used in the geosciences, with laser scanners and drones being more accessible. Point Cloud display in Pro remains problematic, even at 2.7.1. I would hope that ESRI either improve, or rewrite the point cloud display engine, as it is functionally less than useful. We normally resort to using a different point cloud display package, e.g. open source CloudCompare.

In both maps and scenes Pro displays just the extent when zoomed out, not allowing an overview of the data. I have to zoom in to 1:128 to see the points in this drone derived LASD.


Compare this to CloudCompare


When zoomed in the point display needs a lot of tweaking to get a good quality rendering of the data and at high resolutions display is slow. In a dedicated point cloud package this is managed much better. I would hope that ESRI can improve on this performance. In the screenshot below you can see the points slowly being rendered on zoom. It doesn't even cache the views, this happens on every zoom level change.



My idea for improvements:

  1. Allow point display at all zoom levels
  2. Improve automatic point rendering settings for each zoom level
  3. Improve point display performance on zoom level changes/pan