Improve Out-of-the-box interoperability with GoCAD, Leapfrog, Vulcan, I-site , Blastlogic, Gemcom / Surpac, Geosoft, Rockware

06-24-2012 03:44 PM
Status: Open
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Out-of-the-box interoperability with GoCAD, Leapfrom, Vulcan, I-site , Blastlogic, Gemcom, Surpac, Geosoft, Rockware.
3D Analyst user can't read directly the modeling done with 3D modeling packages, it would be great that 3D Analyst can read the data from GoCAD, Leapfrog, Vulcan, Gemcom / Surpac, Geosoft, Rockware Surfer. Also,  these same package could write directly to a SDE Geodatabase (multipatch).

I would also like to see the modeling software (especially Gemcom and Leapfrog) be able to read geodatabase files.
Gerald Heston
Pilot Gold (USA) Inc.
A "Workspace" has been established for us to explore this idea in more detail.  Click to the "Request Access" link to get to the workspace and once there, share more specifics and perhaps some data examples.
There was some discussion at the MUG @ UC that using multipatch features and the Data Interoperability extension from SAFE FME might be a possible option.  We checked and import/export of multipatch features should be possible but now some specific workflow and dat examples are needed.  If you have some, bring them to the Workspace.
Read Geodatabase (whatever file or SDE Geodatabase) is crucial in this interoperability. The issue is that multipatch in the Geodatabase might not that the ideal model for 3D geological models. So, to make this idea works, it might need some improvements in the 3D data model at the Geodatabase side.
It should be possible to use the Data Interoperability Extension for reading/writing of 3D data from the vendors listed.  But this would require cooperation of the vendors to work with the Safe FME API and expose their data API.  The vendor can then decide how they would make the reader/writers available to others.  acQuire has done this for writing/exporting File and Personal Geodatabases but the tool is licensed via acQuire GIMS.  Development of these types of readers/writers likely must come from the vendors who have the subject matter expertise of their data models… and implications for how to store them as Geodatabase features.
Improve multipatch model and memory management for ArcScene; and implement interoperation between ArcScene and major 3D subsurface models like GoCAD, Petrel, etc.

Conversations between Esri Energy-Mining Industry Team and mine planning and modeling software are ongoing with vendors and Business Parnters such as Maptek-Vulcan, Geosoft, acQuiure, DSS-Geovia-Gemcom-Surpac, MinTec Minesight.  Various interoperability options are being considered.
Read geodatabase would be a huge asset, we use Vulcan and its shapefile compatibility really impacts our geodatabase usage.
An out of the box functionality with the AutoCAD file format .dwg, GoCAD, I-Site, and Vulcan file formats would be a significant improvement on workflow and productivity. Currently the work flow is timely and can at time be more work then it is worth. This would Signifiantly improve investment.
I would add the ability to read the  Geosoft .grd format within 3D analyst and Spatial Analyst. The teh moment Geosoft's .grd format is not supported within ArcGIS.
Currently I use Geosoft's free plugin to read  the .grd format.  I would  like to use the raster math tools that are available in 3D analyst and Spatial Analyst to manipulate Geosoft's .grd files.