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Improve load times for network resources

07-14-2023 08:09 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see improvement in the load times for resources on network drives. My organization has excellent hardware and resources for connecting to different drives and databases on the network, but the response times are noticeably slower in ArcGIS Pro. I don't believe that it's a latency issue, but I could be wrong. As a simple example, if I have an Excel spreadsheet saved on a network drive, I can open it almost instantly from Windows Explorer. If I want to add a sheet from that same Excel document to a Pro project, I open the Catalog pane and then expand the spreadsheet. In my test case, it takes 18 seconds for the list of two sheets to appear. That test was with a very small Excel document (21 records in each sheet).


What ver of Pro? I noticed a speed improvement with network linked info since 2.6. I can't help your other question. My use case is a bit different. Our point of truth data is hosted . When I start an analysis job I make a current snapshot of the area I need from the worldwide data sets and work with that locally.


@shankar083 I am currently on 3.1.1.