Improve Labelling Functionality for Vector Tile Packages

10-14-2016 01:42 PM
Status: Open
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At large scales, when you are zoomed in looking at many small polygons, labelling in Vector Tile Packages is currently not a viable option. Labels overhang small polygons, making it impossible to tell which polygon they apply to (even though I have set the labelling properties to NOT overhang). They overlap one another, and do not stack according to the parameters set in the ArcPro 1.3 project.

A related problem: In creating a regular raster tile package, a label that should be placed about 3 km to the south appears in a completely unrelated polygon. The problem is repeatable, so I assume it has something to do with the labelling algorithm.  

I would like to see labelling much improved in the next ArcPro 1.3 release.#arcpro #label placement #vector tile package

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I too have had many problems with labeling in vector tiles.  For one, not all labeling settings in ArcGIS Pro get honored, or translated, into the vector tile package.  Thus, you can make changes that look nice in ArcPro, but that are not reflected in the output vector tile layer.  Improvements would be welcome, but at the very least, a crosswalk of which settings in ArcGIS Pro actually get applied (versus ignored) in the vector tiles would be very helpful.