Improve graphic capabilities for final cartographic map production

03-31-2010 04:10 PM
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More often than not, if you want a really good looking map (complete with images, fading of elements, image shadowing/blurring, font enhancements, etc.), users are relegated to export the map document into Photoshop or Illustrator for post editing and final production.  Wouldn't it be nice to include some of these processes in ArcGIS?  I've seen some great maps created using ArcGIS, but it is just one cog in the wheel of map production.  I know it won't be as robust as what Adobe products allow, but there would be time saved if some of these elements could be incorporated into ArcGIS Desktop.
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I would prefer that the existing function in ArcMap just worked well.  Increasing ArcMap's speed and reliability would save me more time than trying to add even more functions.  In my workshop I have a table saw, bandsaw, jig saw and various hand saws.  Each does what it does very well, reliably and predictably.   I don't want a Swiss Army saw.