Improve Error Logging and Reporting of Replication/Synchronization Process

03-30-2011 11:56 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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During a failed Synchronization run, we have received errors like the ones below:

ERROR 000582: Error occurred during execution.
The field is not nullable.
The field is not nullable.

General function failure
General function failure
We have may have 20-30 feature classes plus 10 + relationship classes in each of our replicas.  It would save us (and ESRI Tech Support) many, many hours to know what feature class or table experienced the error and what column (field) and even objectid is in question.  The replicalog.dat file does not provide enough trouble shooting information to be of assistance.

In version 10, they have included the column name but still no feature class name or table name. It would be hard to troubleshooting with a large amount of feature classes in the database.
Currently encountering this issue in production and it would be wonderful to be able to identify and rectify the problem without the need of a support call..... Not that I dislike support but I would much prefer to be able to resolve the problem myself

We recently received one of these generic errors when attempting to create a 2-way replication.  The error stated that we had an 'Invalid GlobalID'.  We were unable to isolate the offending feature and therefore had to reset all of the GlobalIDs.  With more robust error reporting that provided the objectid of the offending feature we could have more efficiently resolved the issue.