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Improve ArcGIS Pro UI for entering Enumerated Domain into metadata

06-24-2021 03:09 AM
Status: Open
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Metadata is very important and ArcGIS Pro provides an interface to allow a user to add/edit important information. One such metadata attribute is the field attribute information. Here you describe the field, how it was created, possible limitations etc.



Many fields are categorical and one needs to describe what each code means. Again you would add this under the enumerated domain and here lies my problem and idea.

You add a new enumerated domain value by clicking on the plus symbol, this is painful slow. One lives with this limitation if you only have a few codes to enter but if you have many codes to add and describe it becomes a real barrier.

Also you might have multiple fields in your table using the same categories and there is no way to duplicate these or copy 'n' paste.

The interface needs to be improved to remove this barrier to users and allow rapid entry of metadata and that's got to be a good thing for the industry!

Ideas are:

  • Add a button that allows you to insert X number of blank enumerated domains
  • Once a field has a set of enumerated domains added and described, allow them to be selected and applied to another field in the same table.

These two ideas would massively reduce the amount of time entering metadata. Right now its clunky and a barrier to users so poor metadata is constructed.


KoryKramer also includes copying metadata ("copy and paste special could be used to copy metadata information between datasets.")


Related to this UI issue for enumerated domains, the UI for metadata errors messages that are returned in the Fields section within FGDC metadata editor are not easy to work with.  This is especially true if you have a large number of fields and/or enumerated domains. 

Only four errors fit on the screen at one time; any more than four errors and you have to navigate with the tiny little scroll bar that appears on the right.  Also, it is not possible to tell which field each error message is associated with so the feedback could be more helpful.  At times, I have resorted to exporting the metadata to find errors and make edits using a basic text editor and then imported in the updated metadata.






@LeonS your example is a good addition to the issues of entering enumerated domain information.  I have to say I have found those warning messages next to useless. As you say you don't know which field they are warning you about and they provide no advice on what the values should be and under what scenario they should be used.


Along these same lines, if there is a coded value domain assigned to a field, it would be a major time saver for them to auto-populate as enumerated domains in the FDGC format with the Code as the Value and the Description as the Definition. This would leave only the Definition Source left to populate in the metadata manually.


The ability to reorder domains would be a huge timesaver. Search, sort, reorder, etc.