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Improve ArcGIS Pro TOC Performance

06-13-2018 10:45 AM
Status: Implemented
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Right now while working with Layouts the Table of Contents is not "snappy".  For example, when I switch between two different Layouts sometimes the TOC will not update at the same time I click on a new Layout tab.  The TOC should update to the TOC for the table selected immediately.  

Working with items in the TOC is "choppy".  For example, when I delete items from the TOC it often jumps back to the top.  Selecting and moving items within the TOC can also be tricky. It often seems to jump back to the top or doesn't allow me to grab the item to be moved.  

Finally, while moving, (Dragging), selecting, and turning layers on and off there is a delay (1-2 seconds) where nothing else can be done.  (Everything is grayed/darkened for 1-2 seconds), and then the Table of Contents seems to have to update.  1-2 seconds doesn't seem like much, but over the course of time those seconds add up and most importantly it slows users down and can lead to mistakes.

Overall I like the direction the designers are heading in the Table of Contents and even Legend creation and editing is generally heading the right way but the interface needs to be improved considerably.  

FWIW I'm working with a decent computer.  I'll attach screenshots. (The GPU is duel).


Sean, what version of Pro are you in?

The one thing from the description that I see is when I delete a layout element, the focus moves back to the Layout. 

Say I have 20 elements in the layout contents, and I delete the 15th element.  Where would you want the focus to be?  Remain on the new 15th element?  The behavior of moving back up to the top of the layout mimics what happens in a Map.  If I remove the last last from the map contents pane, the focus is not then on the new last layer, rather focus moves to the Map.

Can you include screenshots of what your layout contents look like, for example for the two layouts that you're switching between?




I'm running the latest version 2.1.3. I only know that because I'm not being prompted for an upgrade. Where would I quickly find my version?  It used to be under help>about but I don't know where to find that anymore. But I believe I am current since I have it set to look for updates on each load.

Part of the confusion might be terminology. I rarely work in maps. I work with maps while in layout view.

Perhaps this is not the best way to work??  

Here is a screenshot of the top of a simple layout I'm working in now. At the bottom, you'll see I've expanded the Map.  Typically, what I have been doing is working within Layouts and when I need to make edits or changes I scroll down into the map, expand it,  and make those changes.  What is happening is when I delete features classes or shapefiles from my expanded map, the TOC grays out, and/or I see the spinning circle for a second or two. This means for one example, that I can't uncheck multiple features classes quickly because I'm waiting for the TOC to "catch up" with the first uncheck I did. Another example is when I remove something from the expanded map, the TOC jumps back to the layout at the top (where I have my screenshot). Perhaps this is what you mean by the TOC jumping back to the layout??  If so, is there a way to change this?  I like working in Layouts because visually I find it easier to design my maps. (I work 100% with PDF's and paper maps. "Digital maps" in my office means ".pdf" or a "Power Points").  Like I say, designing paper maps and pdf's feels more natural within Layouts.  (That said, I'm still learning Pro so if I need to change MY behavior to better utilize the program I'm working in - I'm probably more malleable than ArcGIS Pro   - so let me know what you'd recommend!)  

The next issue is a little more tricky to demonstrate but I'll give it a shot.  Take a look at the next screenshot:

If you look at the Layout Tabs you'll see I have the Apache Tab highlighted. I've activated the Apache layout.  The layout in the main window is also Apache. 

However the TOC is showing the contents for Silverton - the other non-activated Layout - the tab to the right of Apache. 

I feel like when I click on a tab up top that the TOC should instantly update to the Layout I'm activating. If I try click between the two tabs a few times the TOC switches to the Layouts like I'd expect - but not right away. 

The behavior I'm showing you always happens when I first open a layout and then it seems to behave as I'd expect MOST of the time... but sometimes especially if I am activating  a map within either layout and working in that map and then go to switch layouts this "incorrect TOC" behavior appears again.  

Thanks for the help.



We've implemented a lot of performance enhancements to the Layout TOC over the past few Pro releases. Are people still seeing problems in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and 2.7? 


Further optimizations have been made in 2.8 as well. I'm going to close this issue as completed. If you have further problems with TOC performance please reach out to technical support here:


Status changed to: Implemented