Import Synchro 4D attributes to Geodatabase Feature classes

11-11-2019 04:07 PM
Status: Open
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Our BIM modellers use Synchro to create 4D animations of constructions sequences.

We would like to put those BIM models into the Scene Viewer and time enable them.

There is no way to attach the Synchro 4D attributes to a Revit file before we import it into ArcGIS PRO.

It would be great if we could use the Synchro 4D attributes to time enable our own Web Scenes. In that way we could really leverage the 4D data that is starting to come through from the BIM world and use this in the GIS world. Linking the P6 attributes to the Geodatabase feature class is complicated and by passes the work of the BIM modeller who understands the 4D component. Hence we need to import the Synchro outputs into the Revit File or better still direclty into the Geodatabase Feature class.