Import symbology for Annotation layer

05-12-2020 11:35 AM
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We are multiple users using data from Enterprise database. The database is updated on a daily basis and we add the layers to the map every day. We want consistent symbology for all the layers. I made *.lyrx files to import symbology for the layers with lines, polygons and points and put this in Model Builder.

The problem is that Apply Symbology From Layer tool is not working on annotation layers. We need to keep our annotation layers with consistent symbology and changing it level by level by hand every time we add the layer to the map is not convenient. 

Is there a tool that can be used for this?.



Hi Keti Konstantinova‌ Thank you for submitting this idea!  At this point, I think we need some more information or context for what is being requested, because annotation does store the symbology already: Display geodatabase annotation—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  "Annotation is different from simple point, line, and polygon features because each annotation feature stores information about how it is symbolized."

Can you provide more details about how your annotation is set up and show what is happening that is not expected when adding an annotation feature class to a map?  Screenshots along with the explanation would be helpful.

Thank you.

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Hi @KetiKonstantinova if you're still having problems after the information that Kory provided please let me know and we can go through it.