Import and use ArcMap Annotation Groups when importing ArcMap documents into ArcGIS Pro

02-23-2015 12:45 PM
Status: Already Offered
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ArcGIS Pro should have the ability to import and use ArcMap annotation groups when importing from ArcMap documents. Annotation groups stored within the map itself is actually better than geodatabase annotations in most cases anyway simply because annotations usually belong to only one map anyway because there may be slight variations from one map project to the next. In particular, the problem with using geodatabase annotations is managing which maps it belongs to and which maps will be affected if edited. Having said that, map annotation groups should act like a layer in terms of which order it is displayed within the map -- you should be able to change its display order. Also you should also be able to copy and paste annotations into annotation groups of other maps in the exact same location and look as the original location. You should also be able to copy and paste annotation groups themselves from one map to another. So implementing annotation groups in ArcGIS Pro as well with these improvements to it in mind would be very useful.


It should also be understood that the annotation groups should also keep all the other previous ArcMap annotation objects and functionality such as creating graphics, callouts, labeling, etc. Also regarding copying and pasting annotation objects between maps, don’t forget about the rotation of the map itself. The rotation of the map should not create any offsets either in the pasted objects – it should be exactly the same (rotation and everything about it) as the source at the scale of the source.

It should be noted that individual map annotations for each map stored within the map is a crucial element in maps. Just about all the maps I’ve made since ArcGIS 8.x have them.

It should be noted that the following posted ideas refer to the same issue.

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I posted this in 2010, but only got two supporters (jeanguychauvin including).
It is still relevant in 2015, even in Pro. 
Just last week I had a big discussion with Esri re. the lack of graphic capabilities in Pro, and how annoying the absense of some basic functions can be for an average user. They heard me, but I didn't get the feeling that this will be addressed soon.
Status changed to: Already Offered


At Pro 2.6 we added Graphics Layers

They're the equivalent to map annotation and will store your text and graphics.  You can convert your labels into them, and add text and graphics as you go. If you had map annotation in an mxd you can also import it into a Pro project - it comes right across without any extra effort.