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import 3d Modells in Arcgis-Pro: georeferenced to origin Modell-CoordinateSystem

06-22-2018 06:04 AM
Status: Open
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goal: import 3d-models to esri multipatch, using reference points to modell 0,0,0

how to: using 3d-analyst toolbox: convert / from file / import 3d files

- with reference Point-features for geolocation

In Arcmap/scene/catalog the Process uses the origin of the 3d-Modells local coordinat system, which is good, because this is a fixed point for georeferencing.

Arcgis-Pro calculates the center of gravity or something of the importet model and uses this point to match with the coordiantes form the georefenced point.

This might work for quick and dirty georeferencing, but not for working with accurade georeferencing e.d working with multible modells.

E.g. if you have multiple models which are from same (local) 3D-model coordiante system, but each model has different center of gravity - you end up with all models stacked at one place.

Even if you export a model, edit it externaly and reipmort, you dont get it back to its original position.

To make it short: Arcgis-Pro funktion "import 3d files"  should behave the same way as ArcMap, concerning the georeference points, or maybe put a switch to have a choice between center of gravity and origin of modell coordinate system!