Implement 'Create Flyby from Path' in ArcGIS Pro

03-26-2019 05:16 AM
Status: Open
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ArcMap had functionality to move the observer (camera) along a predefined line/path to create an animation: 'Create Flyby from Path'.
ArcGIS Pro lacks this functionality. The same for an object other than the camera (e.g. a car, airplane).


We have a proposed pipeline route that is 600 Km long and my client would like a fly though in 3D along the length of the route at a fixed angle with the camera moving up and down at a constant height from the pipe itself. I have experimented with key frames, I could use Line to Point but even at 1 Km intervals it will generate 600 key frames to collect and then animate, as I already have the path I would like to fly along it would be much easier to add this an input to a tool, set the view parameters and let PRO do the heavy lifting.