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Image Display Control in ArcPad

06-28-2016 12:27 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The ability to change the Contrast, Brightness and Transparency of a bitmap image in ArcPad similar to ArcMap would be so helpful. This can't be too difficult to implement. Often an Ortho-rectified image is a bit dark or lacking in contrast and being able to modify the display of an image in the field would be invaluable, thus making the image more visible in bright sunlight. Also being able to make bitmaps translucent (i.e. geophysics) for draping over topographic ortho-images would be so helpful in aiding (i.e. geological) interpretations in the field.

Yes images can be modified in ArcMap and then Exported to ArcPad, but this is slow and clunky and being able to change on the fly as needed would be a tremendous improvement to ArcPad. Please can this be added soon to ArcPad.

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