Identify Tool - Display Lat/Long, not Long/Lat

10-02-2013 07:30 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
When identifying a feature, have the Location: bar display coordinates in lat/long, not long/lat by default...or provide the option to flip/switch this.
Same would be appreciated for status bar showing coorinates at mouse pointer.

This should be a simple coding change to swap the input boxes round if it’s a Lat/ Long input. We want to use this tool in an Emergency Response situation to show a location, so a user, under pressure could easily get the coordinates round the wrong way.


When you upgrade to ArcGIS Pro, youre going to have a bad time...

The Identify tool (along with lots of other ArcGIS for Desktop functionality) has been abandoned / removed. You can still identify features but it has been embedded into the 'Explore' / Navigation function. 

Of particular relation to this ArcGIS idea, the integrated Identify function within the Explorer/Navigation does not display the XY location where you clicked to identify. Making this entire Idea obsolete as it pertains to ArcGIS Pro.

As there is no Identify tool, you cannot select which layers to identify from (i.e. Top-Most, Visible, Selectable layers).

I suspect the official ESRI answer would be to write a python script or run a multi clause select function then view the results in the attribute table followed by reading the coordinates on the bottom of the data frame?

Sry if I sound a bit salty here... I've been using ArcGIS pro for a week now and am constantly running into (what I thought to be common / standard) features & functionality having either not been ported over to ArcGIS Pro or just made much more difficult than it was in ArcGIS for Desktop