Identify Source of Schema Lock

06-21-2012 06:11 AM
Status: Open
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Instead of the generic "Schema Lock" message in ArcGIS, how about alerting the user as to which of the possilbe hundreds of MXD, Web, or Mobile services are actually causing the lock, so that everything does not have to be shut down to remove the lock?


This idea is showing as new but was created in 2012.

It is a good idea though.


The only surefire way of eliminating all locks is to stop all services.  I've tried time and time again to figure this issue out and every time I discover its easier to shut everything down, make the appropriate changes and then restart the services. 


We actually solved the issue for us. We installed our own Portal.  In the process we had to create services on the new database.  We agreed as a whole to create Feature services that ONLY make use of ONE feature dataset.  We created folders that match the Feature Datasets in which to keep the services.  

This way we don't need to track which service is making use of a feature.  


Just a thought for those still struggling with this, we too have hundreds of services running. When publishing services, you can disable schema locking of the service by changing "schemaLockingEnabled" to "false". It is under Parameters > Advanced. In ArcGIS Pro it is under Configuration > Configure Parameters > Advanced. This help keep the services from locking the data and allows schema changes while services are running.