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07-29-2021 09:51 AM
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Identify in the Layout.  Under Map, Identify is hidden in the Explore Tool.  There needs to be an Identify in Layout as well.  It may be there but things have a tendency to be hidden in Pro, and I have not been able to find them via ESRI Help and Google.  If it is available, the identify tool needs to be more visible.  


The Explore tool in ArcGIS Pro is the 'identify' as you noted.  In order to work with tools that are active in the context of a map, you need to activate the map frame.




So in other words, the identify tool is even more hidden in the layout than it is in Map.  It is the simple things like this in Pro that make me want to continue to use ArcMap.  There are a lot of great things in Pro, but the simple non-Kool-Aid items of Pro are being overlooked. Please fix this as it is counter-productive to have to activate the layout just to use the hidden "identify" tool.


If the plan is leave in place the need to activate the map in order to use the identify tool, then it would be great if the popup didn't disappear when closing the activation so that you can update a map element with the information you used the identify tool to grab. It's the little things about pro that can be maddening.


I couldn't agree more with @MichaelPielow and @ChrisGreene's replies. To put it another way, the inability to do something as benign and data-unaltering as "Identify" a feature in Layout view truly makes Pro less productive and less efficient than ArcMap. I'm pretty sure one of the major goals in the early days of Pro development was to minimize the number of clicks to complete tasks ("Okay" is not okay...symbology properties...ring any bells?). This is definitely not minimizing clicks and is extremely counterproductive.