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08-13-2019 07:35 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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How to edit and update an exisiting slpk file? Like move or rotate, geometry edit, and more.

I know that we can edit a published scene service, but with so many restrict.

Why not add the edit funtion to ArcGIS Pro and Runtime, do all editing locally? on a local slpk file? 


Hi Karl,

Thanks for your feedback. We do not currently have plans to support editing of scene layers packages (.slpks). For editing the features themselves we recommend publishing a scene service with an associated feature service to a portal (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS). 

For scene layer packages, we are looking to provide support for clipping, rotating, and reprojecting to another coordinate system. 

Can you clarify what you mean regarding restrictions you are encountering editing scene services? Also, please provide some more details in specific workflows where you would like edit the features in an slpk over a scene service.



Hi Andrew,

When editting a scene service, you have to be prepared when publishing. and only apply to 3d object and point.

It's really not convenient, particularly when dealing with existing old data.

For now in my own work flow, I mostly need append/merge and texture editting.

Thank you. 

Hi Karl,

You mentioned texture editing. Are you looking to do this on a integrated mesh or building scene layer?



Actually mainly on 3D object and building, since you currently not support Revit's texture.

Thank you.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi Karl,

Some of this has been implemented and some is in the pipeline. Here's what we have for slpks so far:


ArcGIS Pro 2.6: Integrated mesh modifications

ArcGIS Pro 2.7: Support for projecting slpks in the Project Tool

ArcGIS Pro 2.8/2.9: Support for clipping\merging slpks