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04-08-2017 05:50 PM
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we need a way to maintain the values or information in each attribute field as hidden or masked.  A modifier within each attribute field that would leave the information or value in the field while letting the editor change, modify or add new information or values into the attribute field. The masked or hidden information would create a history of the value or information for the spatial layer or geodatabase without saving the old layer as a different name.  The history of the value or information would remain in the attribute field for all successive users or editors to see what the value or information was that was changed.  In python the character is the # to denotes information only. If this was used in front of and behind the old value or information the user would know it was changed and what it was changed from inside the actual field of the attribute.  All data needs to have a historical trail to know what the value was.  it would be good if in the editor mode the change automatically set the character to hide but leave the previous information but also added the user and date the change occurred inside the value of the attribute.

A chain of history in each attribute value field.  The dbf file may get bigger but the information will be there to follow the chain of changes.  

Not sure if this is already possible but would be a leap to have the history of the field value or information be retained instead of written over and lost unless the dbf layer is saved as another name

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tony hendricks‌ It sounds like what you're describing is archiving: Enable Archiving—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

Please see that documentation and reply with whether that is what you're asking for.  Sounds like it to me.

Thank you.