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09-12-2012 12:31 PM
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Whenever I make a data driven pages book using non-grid feature class as my index I always want to be able to have the feature that is the current focus of the page called out. If more than one feature from the index layer appears on the page the one that is the current focus of the page should have the option of being automatically selected or somehow highlighted.

Hi clm42,
Having this as a checkbox and symbology selector for this would be great... but if I'm reading it correctly, you should be able to do this already, just not as quick and easy...

Make a copy of the feature class which you're using for DDP and paste it into the same data frame.
Go into the properties of the pasted feature class and under the Definition Query tab, you should now see a Page Definition button.

Click on it and check Enable. From the drop down, select the same field you have setup for DDP and select Match.

Change the symbology to stand out and you'll be able to have a feature which stands out when you flip through your DDP book.

Hope this helps! :)
@ coryw
Your help didn't work allways 😞
it would be great to have the possibility to select the feature with the focus, because you have the possibility to insert some kind of graphs in the layout, they change, if you have a feature selected.
by Anonymous User
Although coryw is correct, there are tiimes when the page definition query will not work (Index field does not have unique values such as when mapping counties, but usng the state as the index). In this case being able to symbolize the record with current focus would be very helpful.
I still think we need this feature but what coryw suggested works for now.
Status changed to: Already Offered

Closing this, as it is already possible. The comments explain how to do this with page queries.