Hide python toolbox metadata xml in catalog view/pane

11-01-2021 10:40 AM
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When accessing a python toolbox from ArcGIS Pro all the metadata xml files are displayed in the catalog pane/view.  The display of the metadata files in the treeview is not needed and could/should be hidden in the treeview (similar to the way we don't see all the individual files that make up a shapefile, only the .shp file is displayed).

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Hello AJR,

Thank you for your feedback. Your request is already offered - ArcGIS Pro does not display metadata .xml files associated with python toolboxes. For an .xml file to be recognized as the metadata file for a python toolbox, it needs to have the same name as the python toolbox, plus the .xml extension. For example, for your python toolbox HERE.pyt, the associated metadata file would be HERE.pyt.xml, which is indeed not being displayed in Pro, as your screenshot shows. The .xml files that are being displayed in your screenshot seem to be python toolbox metadata files at one point of time in the past, but their associated python toolboxes no longer exist (perhaps they were not deleted through ArcGIS Pro but manually deleted from the file system and the associated .xml files were left behind?). They are therefore treated as standalone .xml files and being displayed in Pro, as expected.

If you think the above is not addressing your concern, please let us know. Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your input and look forward to more feedback from you.


Actually, this is not correct.  These are the metadata (.xml) files that are generated when a python toolbox is opened using ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap or ArcCatalog).  Since these are part of the core python toolbox framework they shouldn't be displayed in the browser window in ArcGIS Pro.

Note - ArcGIS Desktop does hide these metadata files when browsing a folder that contains a python toolbox.


AJR – you are right, and my apologies for the big misunderstanding on my part - I thought you were talking about the metadata .xml file for toolboxes themselves, instead of the metadata .xml file for the tools in a toolbox. We should indeed hide these .xml files for the tools. This is in fact a bug we need to fix, and we have entered an bug issue for this. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!

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Status changed to: Closed

Thanks so much again for reporting this @AJR  As Naicong has mentioned, we have the following bug entered to fix this behavior:

[BUG-000146028: The metadata .xml (Extensible Markup Language) files for the tools inside a Python toolbox are displayed in the ArcGIS Pro Catalog view and pane.] 

Please go to https://support.esri.com/en/bugs/nimbus/QlVHLTAwMDE0NjAyOA== and click the Subscribe button to get set up for notifications. 

For other users who are affected by this behavior, use the Subscribe workflow mentioned above to increment the count of affected users and receive notifications.

Thank you. 


This issue is still present in AGP 3.0.2.