Have ArcMap be able to list all the fonts used for character marker symbols, etc. (aka font metadata)

06-21-2012 08:12 AM
Status: Open
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We use fonts from Data Deja View to symbolize our road route number shields, so these are not standard Windows/ESRI fonts.  When we create an MXD using these fonts where the DDV fonts are installed, all is good.  When we send this MXD to someone who doesn't have the DDV fonts installed, the font for the route shields defaults to Arial.  If you simply tell the person to install the appropriate DDV font, then all is good.  So the MXD is storing the original font used somewhere, i.e. the 2nd users MXD doesn't retain the Arial designation for the shields.

But what if, for example, years go by and I have a different computer and I never remembered to reinstall any custom fonts.  What if I can't remember what font I used?  ArcMap stores this information somewhere in the MXD, so wouldn't it be cool if you could get a listing of fonts that ArcMap uses so future generations can be aware of the fonts needing to be installed?  It's like font metadata.

I was told this idea has come up before amongst ESRI staff but never got any traction.  So if you're interested in this idea, vote it up!

Important request. Besides fonts other layout elements should be monitored (inserted pictures, embedded objects, etc.) to have the MXD ready anytime, anywhere in original quality. A complex pre-flight functionality (commonly available in DTP industry) could help: Automatically detect potential issues before printing or exporting maps
You can access this information through the layout window of the Production Cartography toolbar, but you still have to highlight each item on the list and pull up the properties, so I still wholeheartedly agree, you should be able to see a list of fonts without sorting through each element to find them.