Have an option for "most used maps" vs "recent"

09-15-2010 11:28 AM
Status: Open
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The "Getting Started" window (and File menu) shows the nine most recent maps. It would be a nice feature to be able to "pin-down" certain maps to never leave this list. Perhaps a "most used maps" rather than a "recent" maps list, similar to Google Chrome. (In Chrome when you open a new tab your most visited websites appear.) I find that over the course of a few days I open enough new map documents that the ones I use the most (but maybe only once a week) have been replaced out of the recent list and I must browse to find them. A small inconvenience I realize, but every little bit helps.
by Anonymous User
Great idea
It would be great to have something similar to what's listed above or possibly a My Maps folder under the existing maps section to be able to put the most used maps in there.
Good idea
I, Would also like to suggest that you allow the user to select the total number of .MXDs they would like displayed (5, 10 , 20 etc).
Recent list always fails to record MXDs opened in multiple ArcMap instances - this should also be resolved.

Being able to list certain maps a "Favourites" or "Most Used" or "Pin map" would be most handy, but like the "my templates" can be in a folder list on the left hand side.