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08-16-2011 02:24 PM
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The text properties for graticules (grids on layouts)are limited compared to other text usage.
1) It would be good to add a text halo to mask out features (valuable when the graticule labels are on the inside of the data frame).
2) It would be good to add an expression in the same way a feature class can be labeled:
"T " &vbnewline & [Twn] &vbnewline & [TwnChar]

In this case to stack text vertically.



Hi emmornille1,

Thanks for the suggestions. 

Adding a halo to grid/graticule labels is currently possible.

1. Select the grid from the Contents pane and open properties

2. From the Format Map Grid pane click the Components tab

3. Select the labels you want to add the halo to from the components list

4. Click the Symbol button


This should take you to a new pane where you can set properties for the label text. Most properties are supported, however, you should be aware that due to the unique nature of grid/graticule labels the many of the position properties, such as Offset X and Offset Y do not work in this context.

The good news is that most of the properties that effect display, including Halo, are supported.

Here is an example.


Hope this helps, 


Status changed to: Already Offered

As Tom mentions, halos are supported in ArcGIS Pro. Because of that I'm going to close this as already offered. If there are additional proposals for formatting grids and graticules please add them as new ideas.