Go To XY Lat-Lon Pair Input Box

04-18-2012 09:33 AM
Status: Open
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The Go To XY tool should have a single input box where you can paste lat/lon pairs like you might copy from two adjacent cells in a spreadsheet. Add a toggle that allows you to switch between lat/lon and lon/lat.
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Excellent ideas.   Surely this could be implemented with the existing 2 input boxes: just have the tool recognize a TAB character as a separator between the X and Y coords.  You paste the pair into the first box and it moves the 2nd coord to the 2nd box.   This would allow one to copy/paste two adjacent cells from a spreadsheet (the tab is automatically inserted between cell values).  Also I can quickly insert a tab character between columns of coords in a text editor.

Taking it further, I would like to see a couple of  additional features added to this tool: 
1. Click on the map and get the XY coords of the location (loaded into the input boxes).  Then be able to flash, add point, etc as normal.)
2. Ability to copy the coord pair with one click.  Currently you must do this one coord at a time, and you have to select (highlight) the coord before you can copy it.  
3. Abiility to copy the contents of the "Recent" list to clipboard.

I know this tool is called Go To XY, and I know the GetXY  function is already part of the Identify tool, but in my workflows these functions go togeher.   Put them together and rename the tool.


Four years on, and I still feel this tool could be so much better.