Geoprocessing : Tiled Labels To Annotation

11-12-2020 07:18 AM
Status: Open
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It could be very helpful if, when converting labels to annotations things where classify when showing them on the map.

  • In order and group like in the map use to generate them.
  • In order point, line and finely polygon (now poly, line and finely point)
  • In alphabetical order or at least in the order and group we have in the map used to make the conversion.  For now they don't follow the order and group on the map but are placed from poly to point and in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Hallow automatically or via a checkbox to put all these annotations active in map series filter with the field tileID.  Save time not having to do it manually.  It's faster in pro since we can now apply the page query by selecting all layers but... not why doing it automatically.
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