Geodatabase Multiversion View creationg control, naming, and Visibility in future releases

01-15-2013 02:26 AM
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Geodatbase multiversion views are based on feature class that is versioned to "not to base table". in ArcGIS version 10, the geodatabase administrator maintained more control in creating it.

we used to use the command: sdetable -o create_mv_view

now in ArcGIS 10.1 the following is being observed:

1.multiversion views are automatically created when you register your feature class to "versioned not to base table", which should not be the case epsecially if i don't want one to be created.

2.mulitversion views are not "displayed" in the ArcCatalog 10.1 tree, it can only be viewed through the properties of the feature class under "General" TAB.

3.the new multiversion view created automatically by the system are named with system standard naming, Geodatabase administor has no control over naming the new multiversion view. I personally used to name my multiversion views in the system with "_MV" convention so that from database level i can distiguish it from normal Oracle Views.

i recommend in future relases that the geodatabase administror have more control over the "creation", "naming", and lisitng the multiversion view in the catalog tree for ease of tracing. this can be part of the ArcGIS Desktop GUI interface administration (especially with SDE user connection).


Agreed who chose and applied that terrible naming convention "_V" ? In our shop we use a similar naming standard like the author and it is annoying to hack the geodatabase to change the names of all the views. This causes a complete mess if unregisteration occurs causing a bunch of work that really should be controlled. 

Why not add a DBTUNE parameter that we can control? Isn't that what this is configuration is intended for... 

Also agreed on the visibility of these items in Catalog, it was nice to be able to see them in 10.0 why are removing things that were just fine? Or at least explain your reasoning for doing so in release notes if this is such an improvement. 

We are heavily rely on creating/updating Multiversioned view to manage clients' configuration. It's important to manage MVW name.

We concern is that ESR pull the plug with SDE commn line in future. So we request ESRI to support renaming any tools.

We logged as NIM095592

If any other company had similar issue, the please make suggestion to ESRI as well

The recent release of the ArcGIS 10.2.2 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Geodatabase and Feature Service Sync Optimization Patch demonstrates how much this enhancement is needed.  The patch addressed the follow bug/enhancement:
  • NIM100697 - Change the "_VW" suffix to "_EVW" when versioned views are created, in order to be consistent the EVW naming convention when we create MV views.
Since the patch doesn't go back and actually rename any existing views, we now have a situation where there is a system-set standard that isn't configurable and yet varies depending on when the data was versioned.

I would say this attempt to be "consistent" has made things much less consistent in the short term, and once the SDE command line tools are gone, there is no simple way to address the inconsistency with _VW and _EVW views.
When did the automatically created multi-versioned views get prefixed with _EVW as opposed to _VW???  
ESRI has been pushing to have GIS as part of a larger integrated system for years.  The fact is that versioned view names are integral to the success of external applications accessing versioned GIS data.  Now software that was already written with specific object names in the code will have to be rewritten at great expense simply because we are not able to choose the naming convention that we already had is a serious backstep that will cost customers more money.
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