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Geodatabase-level metadata gone from extracted Package

01-25-2023 06:24 AM
Status: Open
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We have been creating Map Packages in ArcMap for a long time and many years ago we noticed a bit of a flaw -- when we extracted our Map Package, the metadata at the GEODATABASE level is gone. For this reason, we have kept metadata at every other level of the geodatabase (feature dataset, feature class, non spatial table, etc) and we include an HTML file of the metadata with our "download package".

I am trying to simplify the amount of metadata we need to maintain and, frankly, have the metadata at each "level" of the database be relevant. The metadata at the database level is the most general metadata information about the entire database; applying this to a feature dataset ensures that it's included with the database but isn't 100% relevant or accurate when applied to the context of the dataset.

My idea is to have the Extract Package tool maintain/keep the metadata that is included at the geodatabase level so the final user has the information exactly as intended by the creator. This will save our team time and allow us to streamline our processes.

In all honesty, I have not tested this in Pro 3.0.x (there are bugs that are fatal flaw for our workflow) and the last time I tested it in 2.9.x was a few months ago. Also, I was only testing it on Map Packages from Pro; I have not tested this issue on Project Packages or Project Templates.

If this has been fixed/addressed in Pro 3.0.x, please remove this idea.