Generate Transects Along Lines tool: define spacing based on m value

12-15-2019 11:24 PM
Status: Open
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The Generate Transects Along Line tool offers quick way to create equally spaced transects along line features ( In the parameters one can define the desired distance between the transects. This distance is the planimetric distance. It would be useful to have an option that allows to  space the transects equally not based on the planimetric distance, but m values of the line feature.

Example: I want to create transects along a highway and I want these transects to be at the same locations as the highway milestones. My highway milestones are placed every 100 meters, taking into account the surface elevation.  I use the m values of my highway feature to keep track of its real distance (i.e. taking surface elevation into account). I want to create my transects using the Generate Transects Along Lines tool, but they will be spaced considering the planimetric distance so they will not correspond to the milestones.

NB: The desired result can be obtained by following this procedure:, but it is long and involves many steps.