Generalize Selected Vertices within Line or Polygon

10-01-2020 09:18 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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by Anonymous User
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I have found the Generalize tool quite helpful. I would like to be able to use this tool just on selected vertices within a polygon or line. Maybe this is already a function - let me know if I missed this. generalize vertices


From your description, it sounds like you are looking for the Generalize editing tool: Generalize a feature—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Does that work for what you're describing?

by Anonymous User

Yes - is there a way to modify a group of vertices within a polygon or line instead of modifying the whole polygon?


Hi Jessie - no, I don't believe that is currently possible so it's good to have this idea.  I'll share it with the editing team.


by Anonymous User

Great, thank you!

Status changed to: In Product Plan

This is planned for a future release. Thanks for the feedback!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@Scott_Harris did this ever come to fruition?

Last week I was able to select just one part of a feature (a ROW) to generalize, but for the life of me I cannot remember it today!


@Leah_L Not yet, but still under consideration.

Here is how you can generalize (simplify) a portion of a polygon.

  1. Add a new (temporary) line feature to the map.
  2. Create a new line using the trace tool that follows the polygon edge you want to modify.
  3. Enable Map Topology in the map.
  4. Select the new line with the generalize tool > Simplify method > set offset value > click Generalize. The portion of the polygon was generalized (as well as the polygons that share the edge)
  5. Now you can delete the temporary line.