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Further user configuration options for copy coordinates

01-27-2020 01:48 PM
Status: Open
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I copy coordinates from ArcGIS Pro and paste them into other files, websites, etc (as I am sure many do).

While we can currently configure the number of digits and directional letters (N, W), there is no way to remove the degree symbol.

I would like to suggest the option to remove the degree symbol from the output. 

Also, I would like an option to have the coordinates have a separator, such as comma between each. 


Go to Options > Units > Location Format and edit it

You can remove the W and N and you can also switch to Y, X 


Well that's awesome. Thanks Kory!

I did know about this screen, but I didn't think it was configurable. 

I'd still like to have an option of no degree symbol. Am I missing that somewhere?


That level of format configuration is not currently possible.  If you want to update the title and description of the idea, we can re-open it as Reviewed for voting.  Just ping me when updated and I'll change the status.



For the Swiss coordinate system (meters) it would furthermore be useful to remove E/N AND the suffix "m". More possibilities to customize the format  would be quite helpful.