Functionality Suggestions for Opening a Table or Attribute Table from the Catalog View or Pane

01-04-2021 04:09 PM
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In the Catalog View and Catalog Pane, in the context menu for any item that includes tabular data, add direct opening options, such as
- Open Table
- Add to Current Map and Open (for Pane)
- Add to <map name> and Open (for View)


The idea to open a table directly without adding to a map is here: (originally submitted for ArcCatalog, but still applicable to ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane or View).


When you utilize this feature it appears to put a Schema Lock on the dataset, at least when working with an EGDB connection. I think I have ran into this issue when writing python scripts in the past, but didn't troubleshoot the issue at those times and just rebooted things.

I just rant into it when working with the Data Interoperability extension / FME workbench. I ran a workspace and it worked fine, but after I had opened the table from the Catalog pane in Pro, the workspace failed to run again due to a lock on the dataset. Nothing besides restarting Pro seemed to remove the lock; not closing the table, refreshing the database, or opening another table from the same database.

Bringing the dataset into a map and opening the Attribute Table from there did not have the same effect, and I was able to reproduce the issue and pinpoint it to opening a table from the Catalog pane