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04-09-2010 04:42 PM
Status: Open
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 Allow the copying of symbol/styles to other graphics, specifically in the layout. In other words, select one feature such as a custom neatline, then select the Format Painter tool, then select all objects in your layout that you wish to apply the custom neatline. 
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Yes, and this should also work for formatted text where you have some that is bold, italic, red, special leading and character spacing and a RGB halo colored background. You click it and apply it to other, existing text to make sure they're all the same.
It would be nice extend this to the TOC layer symbols.  There are times when I create new data and want it symbolized the same as the another layer in the TOC without having to hunt for that saved symbol manually in the vast collection of saved symbols.
I was going to post this myself today.  I work with contours regularly and this feature would safe a ton of time matching halos to the underlying colors.  I'd promote this more if I could.
I would like a tool like this to work with in map annotation.
I was not aware of the Format Pinter tool in Word, Excel, etc until today - now I understand what people are looking for here.
Ys I strongly support this idea. Recently I run into problem editng lines with arrow heads on the layout. For each line I have to go through to many steps to change the color of arrow heads while the line color for all can be done in one click.

In ArcGIS Pro you can apply styles to all your graphic elements. As long as you have the symbology you want saved in a style, you can apply it quickly to any applicable element on the layout. 


QGIS has this feature Copy Style, Paste Style option for layers. why not, ArcGIS Pro?


There is an option like that in Pro for layers, just not for layout elements. For layers you can use the Import Symbology option to apply the symbology from one layer in your map to another. Learn more here