Font size in ArcGIS

11-23-2015 05:51 AM
Status: Open
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My idea has to do with the font size in ArcGIS. The size of the font in the table of contents, the identify box, and the attribute table is not adjustable. My idea is just having a tool or the option to increase the size of the font the same way we can change the font size for labels in the map.  

Good idea.  Howeve, if you lower the resolution on your monitor your fonts will get bigger.

Not a great fix but it works.
I'm pretty sure this capability existed long ago and somewhere along the line disappeared.  I hate to sacrifice resolution but increasing font in TOC helps when displaying and presenting the software to a room full of students. 

I got a similar issue in the attribute table display. Font sizes are larger and overlap/cut off by each row. I never had such issue in my normal 1900x1080 resolution laptop but this is issue in my new laptop (resolution 2560 x 1600).