Font for electric symbols

08-26-2020 04:08 AM
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I would like to have a font for these symbols, see the attached picture (EL-symbols.png). I have created EMF files that we use at the moment, but they don't render very well. I know somebody with the right software could create it in 10 minutes. 

I like symbols in fonts as they work well on all platforms.

PS. It seems I can't upload the emf-files, but I can provide them later if needed.


Do the symbols in the Utilities style not meet your needs? 

I've personally never created my own font from images, but it does look like there are a number of services provided online that would allow one to do that.  Then those glyphs from the custom font should be able to be used.


I have not found the right symbols that our stakeholders want. We use ArcMap, so they must work there. I have created fonts in the past, but I have found nothing for Windows 10 that works right for this type of font creation. 

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Hi Maria, this idea is categorized under ArcGIS Pro, but I want to confirm that you need the symbols for ArcMap? We can create new ArcGIS Pro symbols, but they will not work in ArcMap. 


Hi @MariaThors I wanted to follow up here to make sure that you saw Edie's comment above.  Could you please respond?  Thank you!



Thanks, I don't remember if I saw this, at this point it would help to at least have the symbols for ArcGIS Pro. How would I go forward with that?

These symbols are emf files which are difficult to work with.

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