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11-08-2010 03:16 PM
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There are persistent reports of many people having major performance issues with ArcGIS 10 desktop on hardware configurations that meet and beat the recommended specifications, some of them by a fair margin. Please fix quickly. We want to take advantage of the new features but the serious slow down in basic activities like editing means we are paying a serious tax in terms of our time.

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thank you.


Agree, 10 is so much slower than 9.3.1.  It seems to take up to a minute to open some commands and it continually crashes on me for what appears to be no reason.  Yesterday it crashed opening an attribute table!!!  I understand that there's a learning curve associated with most new programs but I've been using Arc for years and this is the biggest step backwards I've ever seen in regards to performance.  I'm running a Quad I7 processor with 12Gb of RAM and Win7 x64.  There should be no issue with performance as I've experienced quite a boost in performance with many other 32 bit native programs running on this machine.
We're seeing it also. Sometimes Identifying features will take a while and editing nodes for our users is slow. We are just in the test phase right now.We only have it on a few machines and have our databases migrated to 10.0 SQL Server 2005 on our development server.

9.3.1 is faster in the same environment.
I was very excited and got caught up in all the hype of the 10 release. At my firm the slowness issues I am experiencing are costing time and money. I am working several hours per month more that I am not able to bill to our clients. Is ESRI willing to reimburse me for these hours? My major issues are located below. If these are addressed, 10 will be incredible. I love the interface and the new features but need the speed to be at or better than 9.3.1. 

My System.
Windows 7 64bit, Dual Xenon processors, 6gb ram, etc.
Data Stored on server accessed via gigabit ethernet, Windows Server 2008 R2, 4gb ram, xenon etc.

Issues (Not Complete List)
  • Very slow editing environment. 
  • Crashes when trying to pan/zoom. especially while using ArcGIS online data.
  • Slow menu system
  • Crashes in mapping environments that appear stable.
  • Identification tool is almost unusable
I have been working with large sattelite imagery sets and the overall performance is not good so far. Opperations like zooming, panning and opening images, even the ones with statistics and triangles already calculated, take forever. My current machine is much more than recommended.
Still looking for a solution!
My configuration:
Windows XP 64bits Pro
Double-processor Intel XEON X5680 3.33GHz, 24 cores HT
NVidia Quadro FX5800 4GB
1Gbps network
In my office we have upgraded all but one machine to 10 and have had no hugh issues. Each of us has had strange problems that are not consistent amongst the group. Personally I have grown to hate GDB's as they take me forever to browse into and work with. I don't really have time to determine whether type x of database acts differently, or how much speed I gain by compressing the file, or rebooting my machine, or defraging the mxd..... yet here we are.

I have also gotten used to shutting down zombie processes as version 10 does not exit gracefully at times but likes to leave some part of itself consuming ever more memory just for kicks.

There was a comment in here about Quantum not having functionality and I would like to point out that Quatum can run GRASS and do quite alot. Also gvSig has a pile of functionality in the Sextante toolbox.
I just commented on this on the above forum thread.  The performance of ArcGIS 10 is so bad we are considering an office-wide upgrade for our 20 users back to 9.3.1, where ESRI software performance was at least manageable.
I am also spending a lot more time on basic tasks than I did at 9.3. It is especially irritating when working on a tight deadline, when you are waiting and waiting for an mxd to open, or a feature to select or deselect, and it takes a lot longer than it ever did before. I won't even mention the random crashes for no apparent reason. If I could I would "downgrade" back to 9.3 in a heartbeat.
As I wrote about here:
our ArcGIS 10 performance has increased dramatically after updating our Ubuntu-based file server.  We hadn't seen slow performance for applications loading data over the network except for ArcGIS and ERDAS Imagine - but now MXDs that used to take 6.5 minutes to load now take 36 seconds.  We'll take that!  With this improvement in performance, I now consider ArcGIS 10 a usable product!
The number of problems with ArcGIS 10 is unfortunately way too high. In addition to the slow performance allmost in all aspects - editing, labeling moving around - there are issues like features disappearing when zooming +-, features do not appear untill manually refreshed when checked in ToC. The SP1 did not help at all. The only solution at the moment is to downgrade to 9.3.1...
I was very excited to see the release of SP1 in my inbox. After install and a week of use I am highly disappointed that none of the performance issues seem to be addressed. SP1 did fix several bugs that I was noticing and there is overall improvement to the software but performance is not at all noticeably different. Frustrating.