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Fix for saved window and menu locations off screen

12-29-2011 01:24 PM
Status: Open
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This is a request for a fix addressing this KB: which directs users to edit the HKCU registry (very difficult in our (fairly standard) security environment EVEN if you have an elevated access account)!

Windows and toolbars, etc  that have been remembered in "off-screen" locations in the registry or mxd should be moved to an at least paritally visible location when starting ArcMap.

We have had quite a few users run into this when switching from desktop to laptop to netbook... Other Windows apps do this so it would not be unexpected behavior.

It would also be nice to have a button to reset these locations to default, maybe in the customize dialog.
Renaming/deleting Normal.mxt can fix some of these issues too, but it's a really brute-force solution that messes up other customizations, like which windows are active and which extensions are on.

Think Excel and Windows tools like "Cascade Windows" or "Tile Windows" commands - such a command would really help my workflow.

NIM063789 - On certain machines, ArcGIS Desktop dialog boxes do not
display properly on secondary monitors.

KB 33340 - Dialog boxes in ArcCatalog or ArcMap do not display completely

The year is 2020 and this is still a problem in version 10.7.1.

I couldn't get the georeferencing toolbar to display. I moved the whole project to QGIS. At least what's broken in there get's fixed in months instead of years and I don't even have to pay to use it.

by Anonymous User

Curtis & Joseph,

I have been experiencing this as well due to working back and forth between home my set up and office set up, and one way I figured to fix this is to unplug one of my displays. This obviously only works if you have multiple displays, but this will force the remaining displays to re-organize what is visable.

Not ideal, but it at least works constantly on my end!

Good luck in the future since there doesn't seem to be any fixes coming soon.


Through trial and error, our team has found a workaround for this issue when it's specific to toolbars. Assuming that the missing toolbar is simply just off the edge of the screen where it can't be found, try the following:

1. Double Click in the open Toolbar area to open the Customize menu (this can also be done by clicking on the down arrow symbol that is next to each existing toolbar)

2. On the Options Tab, select "Large icons"

For us, making the toolbars large forced the missing one onto the screen where we were able to pull it to the center of the screen and then exit the large mode.

I hope this helps anyone else having the same trouble.


I've found another work around...

Resetting the display settings of the monitor to different screen sizes will eventually cause the window title bar to appear. Once the title bar is visible the window can dragged into the centre and the screen resolution setting put back to normal. 

Another solution would be to write some code that checks and tracks the location of the window, but heck, why start writing decent code now ...