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Fix Copy Raster tool when creating Cloud optimized GeoTiffs

04-08-2022 06:52 PM
Status: Closed
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Using ArcPro 2.9.2. The help file for Copy Raster states that the tool is capable of using Parallel Processing Factor.

The Copy Raster tool fails to create any output when you set the output Format to Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF AND the environment setting Parallel Processing Factor to 100%. It runs without reporting an error but when you go to the folder where the tiff should be there is nothing.

If Parallel Processing Factor is left blank then the tool runs (albeit slower) and creates the output. Thus I am unable to take advantage of the 12 cores on my i7 processor.


@DanPatterson , Interesting and it was in version 2.5 and nothing resolved, even after 2 years? hmmm

Status changed to: Closed

Hi @DuncanHornby I apologize that you're experiencing an issue with that tool. Given that the documentation indicates you are doing something supported, yet it isn't working, this is a better candidate for troubleshooting/or a bug rather than an idea.

The bug that Dan referenced could be what you are experiencing, but it might not be as it looks like the cases attached to the bug are typically getting a 999999 error rather than an empty raster as you're describing. 

I just ran Copy Raster using a parallel processing factor of 100 and output set to .tif (format Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF) in both 2.9.2 and a development build of 3.0 and I get an output raster. Granted we have very few additional details about what you are facing, and the raster I'm using to test is very small.

Given all of that, even if you subscribe to the bug Dan mentioned and we fix the specific reproducible case documented for the bug (which appears to be working with MrSID as input, though I can't say all cases attached were that), it may not address what you're seeing.

I think it would be best if you are able to log a case with technical support. If they just want to attach you to that existing bug, I'd clarify with them that this bug is reporting a 999999 and that is not what you are seeing. You are seeing an empty output even though the tool appears to complete successfully - those are two different things.

Thank you.


@KoryKramer I will log it as a bug. I tried it with a very small tiff file and it does indeed run to completion with parallel processing factor set to 100%. Run it on the actual raster I wanted to optimise and it fails. To confirm what you are said, it runs and does not report an error message, it says it has completed successfully but there is no output.


Any chance you're running on Windows 11?


I'm running on Windows 10 Home edition. Windows 11 is too scary for me... 🙂