Fix bugs and usability issues in ArcGIS Explorer

05-05-2016 09:26 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

ArcGIS Explorer seems to have several usability issues that make it frusturating to work with.


  • The drawing order does not seem to respond to changes in the Table of Contents.  It can be changed in "Manage layers."  In my opinion Manage Layers should be consolidated with the Contents window.  "Draw Order" could also be consolidated as well.
  • "Find" should work with data that has been added onto the map.
    • For example find could be a generic search for any vector data on the map.
    • I know there is a query tool.  However, it is hard to use for new GIS users.
  • It appears we cannot configure popups when layers are added via a layer file.
  • There should be some support for rudementry labels -similar to what ArcGIS Online has.
    • NOTE:  labels do work if they are added via layer files.  But lables are missing if the data is added through add a KML, Shapefile, or File Geodatabase Feature Class.
  • Users should be allowed to use a single elevation layer for drapping and using as an elevation source at the same time.
  • A layer should be able to be set as an elevation source in 2D mode.
  • Can we set vertical exageration on elevation layers?