Fix and Improve 3D Export From ArcScene

07-02-2012 03:12 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Exporting 3D geometry from ArcScene to 3d rendering software (e.g. 3ds max, Rhino, Sketchup... ) is very useful option to have. This has always been hindered by 1) very limited support for 3D file formats in ArcScene and 2) a number of errors in exported geometry from the VRML option available.

When you export simple vector shapes like an extruded grid or an extruded zone map in ArcScene to VRML, then the majority of faces are the wrong way round, which spoils the rendering in standard 3D software. Reversing the faces to fix this problem is tedious process. Please fix this!

Reverse faces problems can also affect 3d surface exports, although this issue is generally much easier to fix.

It would also be great for ArcScene to support some more 3d formats like 3ds as VRML support is increasingly limited.
Add support for 3D PDFs
I really have had countless problems with exports VRML in ArcScene. The possibility in flecível transfer and compatibility with other programs surely increase the use of the software by the neighboring geographic processing, such as architecture, urbanism and general graphical modeling sectors. I dream of the day that ESRI will accomplish this export, or at least an add-on, or updates to the same act. 
Grateful for the initiative.
In my current version of ArcGIS, ArcScene 3D export to VRML now just crashes with no output. Please make this function better not worse! Ideally create a toolbox/python function for exporting 3D geometry in an open format (not just to CityEngine)