Fire Attribute Rule on Table Field Tab Stroke

05-14-2020 02:05 PM
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I noticed some behavior with Attribute Rules that would be nice to correct if possible.  When making changes to attribute fields involved in a concatenation rule one has to tab completely across the the attribute table in order to fire the concatenation rule.  However, if one makes those edits in the Attribute Pane,  with each tab key stroke, the rule fires.

Below is such an example.  The FullAddress field is governed by an attribute rule that concatenates several address fields together upon insertion of a new point: HouseNumber, PreDir, StreetName, SufDir or SufType.  Typically though you would add the UnitID and or UnitType after the point this added.  If I add the UnitID and UnitType to the table, I have to tab all the way across the table to fire the rule. But it works nicely in the attribute pane . Once you click apply in the attribute pane your changes are reflected in the attribute table.

Can we have it both ways?  Fire the rule with each tab key in the table as it does in attribute pane?

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