Find Tool needs more detail

09-07-2016 10:21 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

It seems like this is something that has been missing from ArcGIS Desktop for some time.  While the Find Tool works well it fails on one major issue.  It fails to return enough useful information in the results window.  Most of us live in a world where searching for things like an address, street name, parcels owners last name, etc., returns multiple results.  So, I search for Walnut St, Main St, or whatever street... I get numerous results with no way of knowing where that result is from.  I may have multiple results in multiple municipalities.  The only way I can distinguish the difference is by right clicking and identifying them.  What would be really helpful is to have additional fields present in the results.  That way users can examine the record or narrow down what they are looking at without digging to deep initially.

ESRI is generating Web Applications that do this.  I can define which fields I want in Popups or Search results in Web Apps but not in what I would consider to be a more robust system like ArcGIS Desktop???