Find Spatially Coincident Features in the Same Layer

07-14-2021 12:11 PM
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I often encounter point or line features that are spatially coincident within a single layer--for example, road segments that exist on top of each other or duplicated stormwater manholes. Other than selecting a segment and seeing that two features are selected, there does not appear to be a way to find these features, especially en masse/programmatically. This is a problem when calculating lengths and quantities because each feature's length/quantity is then doubled when summing. Find Identical, which requires an Advanced license, works in this case IF the attributes of the features are the same. Select by Location does NOT work in this case as every feature in a layer would intersect with itself in this type of analysis.


Please create a tool that allows users to determine if there are spatially coincident (but maybe not identical in attribute) features in the SAME layer. 


Find Identical (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

should work if you only specify the Shape field and no other field


Kelly, Data Interoperability extension can detect geometry duplicates, it is however an additional license.  If you try an evaluation copy I can help with showing you how.


@DanPatterson Thank you for your response. I am aware that this should work using Find Identical. However, I do not have an Advanced license at my current position and the cost differential between Standard and Advanced is difficult to swallow on a tight budget. I would think that this is a fundamental enough analysis that it would not require thousands more dollars per year to be able to access. @BruceHarold Thank you, I believe we may have Data Interoperability, so I'll check that out. The bottom line is I believe this analysis should be available to users without additional cost beyond a Standard desktop license. 


@DanPatterson I should have clarified that I was not 100% positive this would work with Find Identical, but that someone in an Esri UC session just today pointed out that it would work if only using the "Shape" field when finding identical segments. So, thank you for confirming this functionality in the Find Identical tool!

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Thanks @DanPatterson 

Closing this as Already Offered using Find Identical with only the SHAPE field as input.




Might want to check out Geodatabase topology rules and topology in EDIT mode.