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07-29-2021 07:54 AM
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Find layers in the Contents pane by typing first letter of the layer.  In the map Contents pane, the list of layers can be very long especially if several are expanded to show symbology.  In Arcmap, we can select the first layer in the table of contents, type "p" while looking for Parcels, it will jump to the first layer starting with the letter "p", type it again and jumps to the next layer starting with "p" and so on letting you find the layer very quickly.  The search box is okay, but it's faster sometime to just type the letter of the layer a few times to find it.  The Contents search box could be improved by implementing auto-fill functionality.  If the user starts typing "pa", all layers starting with or containing "pa" would auto-populate a list to pick from and simultaneously jump to the first layer starting with "pa".  Type "par" to refine even further and so on until you get to the desired layer.

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