Find Duplicates

08-08-2013 02:20 PM
Status: Open
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It would be very handy if there was a simple way of selecting all the duplicate records in a given field.  There are currently a few scripts/toolboxes out there that do this, but they all require creating new output tables or adding fields.

A number of years ago a downloaded a VBA form from ArcScripts that did this beautifully, but it no longer works in 10.1.

Hi, doesn't Find Identical help you here?  If you have some more specifics fo your workflow please share them.

Bruce_harold - I'm at 10.0 and the "find identical" tool is apparently included in an extension I do not have.  The help system does not tell me which extension. :(
Find Identical tools requires the creation of a new dataset which must then be compared to the origianl data to find any duplicates (fairly cumbersome process if you need to do this for a number of datasets on a regular basis).  The tool I used in the past (from ArcScripts) simply created a new selection in the dataset being analyzed.

This is a must have idea for ArcPro and I hope it gets implemented.  It's one of the simpler, most common tools used in excel that would greatly improve working with data tables inside of Arc