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Filter table of contents using favorites

05-12-2021 03:07 AM
Status: Open
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In many ArcGIS Pro maps you may have 100+ layers in the map but in reality you may only use a fraction of them on a regular basis.  Having a method to quickly filter the layers shown in the map contents pane to show just the regularly used layers would be very helpful.  Sometimes you have to do a lot of scrolling up and down to find and switch on/off the layers you want.

For example, if you could tag layers/groups as favorites and then be able to filter the table of contents to show just favorites this would be a useful addition.



Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for submitting this idea @JonPeltenburg2 

We need a bit of clarification to make sure we understand the request.  You state that your "projects" may have 100s of layers.  Do you mean that you have a number of maps in a project and the maps collectively have 100s of layers?

When you say you want to filter favorite layers, are you referring to the Contents pane of a Map?


Or the Contents pane of the Catalog view?


Providing more detail, and maybe some screenshots about where you would like to be able to manage/filter favorite layers, will help us fully understand the idea.  

Thank you!


I've updated the post so hopefully its clearer.  Thanks.  Jon

Status changed to: Open

Thanks, @JonPeltenburg2 The request is clear now, so moving this back to Open.