Field Mapping in Append and other tools should allow searching for input source fields

05-12-2020 01:23 PM
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When using field mapping in Append tool in ArcGIS Pro, introduce the ability to search for source fields that are being mapped. This is useful if the input source layer has a long list of fields.


I am not sure if this is the same thing, but I am trying to determine if/how I can use the field mapping set up as instructed here: Configure field mapping—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation within gepoprocessing tools, especially Append.  I set them up, go to the tool, and nothing translates into the tool.


Hey Rob!

I think the OP is wanting a search box to enter a field name to search by instead of using a drop down and scrolling through a long list of field names.

You should submit an idea that the Append tool (and others) adhere to the Field Mapping set up in the Editor Settings dialog, I would vote that up right nice.

My problem is my target table usually has field names like sde.dbo.NAME  and the source table has just NAME so they don't automatically match, but oh how I wish they would.


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Hi Jeff,

I posted it as an idea yesterday and tried to shared it with you but I got this message, "You can only send messages to your Friends / Connections (people following you). You must remove users marked with an exclamation point before your message can be sent.". Here is a link: If you would like to follow me, I will share my posts and provide more content for videos. I have watched all of them. Keep 'em coming!