FGDC Metadata Tools that work

03-30-2012 07:48 AM
Status: Open
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I have been struggling with the FGDC metadata tools since they were implemented in 10.0, even with the patch. The number of options, the "black box" nature of the tools, the "Completed Successfully" message when it hasn't, translators, etc. make it very difficult. to do any kind of FGDC metadata management. I should be able to create metadata, export it, import it (and choose which elements I want to import) in 2 steps. Export... Then import... I shouldn't have to translate. I shouldn't have to Upgrade. It should just work.

Aha.. After a long phone call with support...

NIM061185: Import Metadata tool completes successfully with warnings, but no metadata is imported in ArcSDE geodatabase.


NIM061199: The default output file name is invalid when an ArcSDE geodatabase item is dropped onto a metadata tool from a database connection accessed from the Database Connections folder.

I have posted some helpful information on FGDC metadata that may help you somewhat, including a toolbox that uses the conversion tools (and mp)  to make the process a little less painful. One thing that is an improvement over 9.3 is that there are GP tools to do these things so you can build models that cover your workflow.

I've wasted 3 staff weeks of work calling in Metadata bugs to ESR, testingI and looking for work arounds.  In some cases there are no work arounds making existing work flows useless.  Spatial Views in 10.0 SQL Server can't hold metadata.  It is a known bug that ESRI has listed as medium level bug but last I checked haven't assigned a deveoper to fix it even though it was identified over 12 months ago.  That was just one example.  I wish my agendy could roll back ArcGIS 10.0 to 9.3.1 and wait for 10.1 assuming they fix the multitude of Metadata bugs.
Wanted to add that I'm running ArcGIS 10 SP 4